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Ring Flower of Life Peridot

Ring Flower of Life Peridot

1.484.000,00 2.473.000,00

7 1/4 (17.65 mm)
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Silver Jewellery and Gemstone  Handcrafted from Bali

Chakra : 4 ( Heart Chakra )


The green peridot which laid on the flower of life is resemble the divine love which bring the energy of healing, restoring, and re-creating.

Peridot is ideal for discharging emotional issues that affect the physical body. Place it over the Solar Plexus to relax and release nervous tension, known as “butterflies,” as well as to alleviate fear and guilt, anxiety or impatience.

Place Peridot over the Heart Chakra to relieve heaviness of heart, empower forgiveness, or alleviate destructive jealousy or self-doubt caused by betrayal in past relationships

  •  Material : Silver 925, Peridot 
  •  Crown Dimension : 2.7 cm ( Diameter )


“ Love is still the most powerfull energy which known “

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