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Ring Chakra 3 Citrine

Ring Chakra 3 Citrine

1.559.000,00 3.100.000,00

6 3/4 (17.21 mm)
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Silver Jewellery and Gemstone  Handcrafted from Bali

Chakra : 3 ( Solar Plexus Chakra )

Natural Citrine is stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will.

This lovely crystal is well known for the way it works to increase abundance and prosperity in your life, as this may be the result of using it especially if you have a business. 

  •  Material : Silver 925, Natural Citrine Gemstone
  •  Crown Dimension :  1.7 cm ( Width )



“ Persistence is the key of luck, luck is needed on every turn of success “

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