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Ring 3rd Eyes Blue Topaz

Ring 3rd Eyes Blue Topaz

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6 3/4 (17.18 mm)


Silver Jewellery and Gemstone  Handcrafted from Bali

Chakra : 5 ( Throat Chakra ), 6 ( Third Eye Chakra )


This ring is symbolizing the third chakra which bring you the vision you need about yourself or your quest. 

The blue topaz resonance an energy which bring you confident to communicate the true you and your vision. Its about being honest about what you are and what you want in order to achieve it.

  •  Material : Silver 925, Natural Blue Topaz Gemstone 
  •  Crown Dimension : 2.5 cm ( Diameter )
“ Before to dream about succeed... be honest about yourself first, then be honest about what you trully want then dont stop until you achieve it. You deserve it ! “

Celebrating YOU

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