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About Us

Dhatri Jewellery is a passionate jeweller from Bali whose in love with the beauty of natural gemstone and the healing energy that it brings. That is why we selectively selecting our stone to deliver the genuine healing energy and intention to you to bring enlightenment to whatever you may go through .

" Dhatri " itself taken from sanskrit which means " Mother Earth "

Dhatri Jewellery collection has an inspiring selection of beautiful contemporary jewellery which is both organic and holistic. We offer a variety of unique designs which utilize the power of natural crystals, symbols and color therapy. Every piece is special. When you wear one of our unique designs you will feel the magic of whatever you wish for become a reality.

All of our pieces are handmade of Silver , Gold , Semi precious stone ,Precious Stone - combined in a unique way by Dhatri . Using Chakra philosophy and hundreds of sacred signs from different times and regions

Our Mission

Bringing enlightenment to everyone for self healing in order to achieve the most fulfilling life. Empowering everyone to spread the positive message starting from ourself then others in order to create harmonious joyful life .

Celebrating YOU

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