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Pendant Infinity Clear Quartz

Pendant Infinity Clear Quartz

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Silver Jewellery and Gemstone  Handcrafted from Bali

Chakra : 8 ( Soul Star Chakra ), 9 ( Spirit Chakra )

Clear Quartz resonate strongly within the eighth chakra, commonly known as the soul star chakra, and within the higher transpersonal chakras.
The beautiful clear white light of the white ray is your connection to the Divine Mind, and white is the color for the eighth chakra. Using Clear Quartz will assist the higher chakras to emanate white light and aids your connection with spirit.

It brings clarity to your communication and will amplify your thoughts and may assist you by stimulating clearer thinking, has a positive effect on all chakras as it protects the aura and expands the human energy field. 

It will bring out the best in you.


Material : Silver 925, Natural Clear Quartz Facet Gemstone


This item is available on 2 sizes Small and Medium


" The purest form of enlightenment is transparent, its like the Honesty "

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