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Zodiac Wheel Necklace Scorpio Green Tourmaline 17

Zodiac Wheel Necklace Scorpio Green Tourmaline 17


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Silver Jewellery and Gemstone  Handcrafted from Bali

Scorpio is known as “ a human lie detector “. Because their intuition working together with their eyes and mind travelling to others mind or exploring their own mind.

Scorpio ( October 24 - November 22 )

• Focus, Determine, Emotional, Hypnotic, Complex
Personal traits
• Jelaous, Possessive, Stubborn, Self destruction
• Water
• Topaz, Opal, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Aquamarine

Our Zodiac Wheel with Green Tourmaline is helping scorpio to balance and calm their restlessness mind. Also to protect scorpio energy from the negative influence.

Hold a ground Scorp !



  • Material   :  Silver 925, Gold plated, genuine leather chain
  • Stone      :  Natural Green Tourmaline 
  • Size         :  4.2 cm ( Diameter )


Be mind each pendant have not similar color hue because each natural untreated gemstone have their own physical color character 

" What you seek is inside you, search within and accept  "

Celebrating YOU

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