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Posted on October 25 2018

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Welcome to Scorpio season !!

Scorpio is known as the most deep and intense among the twelve zodiacs. Basically there are only 2 options for scorpio go intense or go home, be true or be gone.

Scorpio posses special forces on their intuition, could say that their third eye chakra is always on active mode. The most enchanting eyes among the twelve zodiacs. Their analyzing mind is restless, that is how they achieve knowledge even in the darkest either mind or situation, either yours, themselves, or their surrounding.

Also known as the sign which represent the birth and the death. Transformational is their capability. As a fixed water element, transformation is not so pleasant even for them. But somehow that is their destiny  to bring “ transformation “ either for themselves, others, environtment, etc.

Some people says " if you need revelation, go to scorpio. They will bring you to the darkest of your mind and shed a light on it, and there you go, you are healed ". Well I think that is reasonable as the hidden truth is revealed then nobody can deny it and start to addressing those in a best way.  They are known as the most trustworthy people. They are patience and resilient.

Their level of awareness hidden behind their double claws is so deceptive. They are also very stubborn, anticipate. The sting and the claws are there to protect their gentle inner child sense.

When scorpio is imbalance they could be very emotional, jelaous and self destruction. As they can go on very happy heart to an anger in a second. Ussually that’s when their mind is constantly travel or don’t have time at all for travel. They need moment with themself.

As transformational energy, they act like sponge, they absorb the negative energy then transform it into the positive. Suggestion to all scorpio out there, take time for yourself spend time with your mind, meditate would help you grounding and renewing your energy.


Happy Scorpio season !!


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