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Viking Arian

Posted on April 25 2019

Hola Arian !

Fight like Viking, Poetic like greek 

We are fearless, we breath the fire. Please don’t frightened, we just love the adrenaline pumping. We love challenges and competition. We work hard and laugh hard, there is nothing in between.

Yeah, we lose sometimes even though we always think that we deserve to win all the time. We get it, sometimes we have to share our winning with the others . LOL !!.

 Let’s say we feel that we have strong will and efforts to finish a given task. We give 101 %, so yeah we deserve to win. We could carry you. We are born to be a leader with such quality.

Those driving adrenaline keeps us moving in a speed of light. And those makes us difficult to accept such a delay and slow motion. It’s just unacceptable. It creates an anger about “ why can’t you keep up “. But our fire also quick to dissolve, as quick as it ignite.


We Arian have to learn more about breathing in peace and count to 10 ! Keeping our head clear.


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