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The Witty Twin

Posted on June 27 2019

Spice up the life is gemini all about. We always curious about what  else is new, what else we have not try in our one time life. We are thirst for new experience, we like to learn and we learn quickly. So that we love to socialize, making friends here, making friends there for the sake of new experience. Yeah we would love to strolling the city, exploring what is new.

We don’t like to be alone, bored with routine. We just love to explore another kind of yellow. Bright yellow, dark yellow, Greenish yellow etc. Staying around us will always make you refresh and bright.

Jewellery, Gems, Silver, Crystal, Love, Gaia, Healing, Gemini, Zodiac

Sometimes we could just be so aloof and distance, well hey like everyone else we also need to protecting our heart where our passion lies. Stay where you are and give us space to get right back at you, when we are ready.

Lets stroll the city !

We do the talk !


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