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The Patriotic Crab

Posted on June 27 2019

As the member of water element family, we are rule by emotion. We feel deeply and yeah for sure we are sensitive too. We are loving people, it’s like we are born to love. We will stand by you and for you in whatsoever way. Others like to use our heart as their shield, but somehow we just can’t help to not playing hero. Even sometimes we knew that we just being taken for granted. It’s just who we are. We like to stay at home surrounded by loving family and friends. Home is our most safe place to be.

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Be patient with us when our mood swing come by, we can’t help it. It’s just our nature. Stay with us with a warm hug and simple word “ everythings gonna be ok “. It would be really helping us to ease the mood swing.

But please don’t be mistaken by our loving energy, we could also release such a wrath if somebody press the wrong button. Well it’s not as stingy as our fellow sister scorpio, because we tend to avoid conflict.

For us stability is important. Our stability are all about financial security and loving home.

We are family type and we are proud to be who we are.

Please care gently.

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