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The bull philosophy

Posted on April 25 2019

Hello we are the bull.

As a fixed sign member we are quite conservative, reliable and committed also yeah stubborn, but that is similar as committed. LOL!

We love originality, sincerity. We are people who respect quality on any aspect. We are in love with every beauty things oftenly those things are come with high price a.k.a luxury.

Well I guess its fair rewards since we work hard and committed.       

We have to ensure our stability is always on check. As long as  financial and love matter are on green tick, we are happy enough.

O yeah we could sense fake face, fake objects and we don’t like it. And sudden change is unacceptable. Its hard for us to handle things that constantly changing. We love simplicity and “ changes “ are never come in simplicity form. Its shaking our stability.


Stability is our middle name and changes are our last name that we tried to deny.


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