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Sagitarius Positivity

Posted on December 15 2018

Welcome to saggy season !!

This fiery archer is born with brave heart and extremely confident. Your optimism is lighting up all matters. The archer is always up to new adventure and challenge due to their brave heart. The best buddy for party.

Your positivity is contagious. Light hearted people due to their open mindness. Knowledge seeker. You are easily attracted to intelligent and enthusiastic people. Blessed with big heart you could go out of your way to help others to achieve better knowledge and successful life.

Your overly optimism lead you to believe that you can’t do mistake which actually could lead you to many mistake. Your big confident heart is easily attracted by superficial looks. Your always on the move desire give you no patience to see beyond the surface allowing others to take you for granted. You also lack of consistency, you are easily get bored to the mundane. Your fire is quick to ignite but also quick to dissapear.

My suggestion is slow down saggy ! Not everything is the same as it looks. But please never stop travel. We need you to update our knowledge.

Lets end this year and start the new one with your contagious positivity yet remain grounded.

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