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Pisces the fish tale

Posted on April 25 2019

Who we are ? Piscean !

As the youngest in zodiac constellation. We learn a lot from our brothers and sisters in the zodiac. We learn how to feel, so then we grew high on empathy level. We learn how to get along, so then we grew high on friendship. We feel what you feel.

We like to play with our imagination, our thought is like another world a place to escape when things go rough. A place to gaining our strength before heading back to the real matters. We are good with art and delicate stuff.

We could say “ I read you “ . Scorpio and us are alike, we both are capable to read your mind and adore solitude. Its just scorpio having less tendency to be indecisive.

We love honesty and integrity. Don’t try to say the otherwise !. We read you whatsoever way.


Piscean Hang tight, just keep swimming ! Rough sea doesn’t last forever .


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