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Determine Cappy

Posted on December 26 2018

Happy New Year Cappy !!

New Year is here, but on astrology we are still in the circle of number 10 on the zodiac.

Capricorn is symbolized by Sea Goat ( describe as hybrid ). As hybrid you posses both the logic and the feeling. Somehow you are wise enough to balance both logic and feeling. You are sensitive but logic. You look for facts and evidence before rushing to conclusion even your instinct is surprisingly good in reading people thought.

You are resourceful cappy, you are not impulsive but could go aggressively towards your wishes. You are also discipline and ambitious. You don’t like uncountable risk. You could go well in business due to your reliable determination.

 You are moody and over thinking. You are perfectionist and always think that you are not good enough.


Get easy on yourself cappy !! You are doing just fine.

Let's start this new year with promise to love yourself first.


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