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Scorpio Happy Birthday

Welcome to Scorpio season !!

Scorpio is known as the most deep and intense among the twelve zodiacs. Basically there are only 2 options for scorpio go intense or go home, be true or be gone.

Scorpio posses special forces on their intuition, could say that their third eye chakra is always on active mode. The most enchanting eyes among the twelve zodiacs. Their analyzing mind is restless, that is how they achieve knowledge even in the darkest either mind or situation, either yours, themselves, or their surrounding  More



About Dhatri

" Dhatri " is taken from sanskrit which means " Mother Earth ".

Dhatri Jewellery is a passionate jeweller from Bali whose in love with the beauty of natural gemstone and the healing energy that it brings. That is why we selectively selecting our stone to deliver the genuine healing energy and intention to you to bring enlightenment to whatever you may go through .


Why Dhatri

Dhatri commitment is to bring the best value on each of our product . Where quality meet affordable price.
We use only natural gemstone and precious metal which carefully selected and design to deliver the genuine healing energy and positive intention to you physically and spiritually.


As we commitment to spread the positive message around the, so we do shipping around the globe with affordable rate ( please refer to our delivery rate guideline ). Free shipping to all Indonesia destination.


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